Wholesale Agreement To Sell

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This form is provided ‘AS-IS’ without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise. Any use of this form is at your own risk.

While the information contained herein is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered, it is offered with the understanding that the presenter(s) are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert advice is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Personal Note from AIG:

This is a simple, 1-pager I use most often for deals I’m going to quick-flip/wholesale. I use it when dealing “belly to belly” with individual sellers, not banks or agents, who typically prefer something a little fuller and more formal. I like it for “mom and pop” sellers because it’s about as plain English, easy to understand and non-threatening as you can get. Also it’s clearly slanted a little in my favor as the buyer.

It doesn’t have any extra lines on it, so if you’re going to need to write in additional terms, you’ll have to add an attachment, write in the margins, or add a few lines yourself here in Microsoft Word.


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