Property Inspection Summary

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Personal Note from AIG:

This is a really neat little form I put together to use when I’m doing a quick inspection of a house. I have a gazillion of them printed and stuffed in a normal size manila folder I keep on hand in the car.

The idea is to use this form to quickly assess a property, get all the necessary info you need to size it up all on one side of a single sheet of paper. I use the back for anything “extra” that there isn’t a space for on the front.

Armed with this, I want to get in, gitter done, and get out as quickly as possible – especially if I’ve printed off 15 different houses from the MLS that I want to see today. So I aim to have this thing filled out and have a few digital snapshots (or a flip cam walk thru) all done in 15-20 minutes. And sometimes I actually accomplish that. 

I also keep a copy of this in a “tickler” file even if my offer is turned down. That way I can go back and quickly size up the house, my last offer, etc. and see if/when I might want to follow up with another offer.

Personally I found this little piece of paper particularly helpful when I’m making a lot of offers on houses from the MLS. Really helps keep everything organized in one place.


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