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Personal Note from AIG:

At one point I had a LOT of direct mail going out to non-owner occupants in junky areas of town. These days I don’t deal a lot in those areas, but in the early days I had a couple of cash buyers who were big-time section 8 landlords and they’d buy up anything I could feed them if the numbers were right.

As you might expect, you have a lot of “don’t wanters” in these areas, so I got a LOT of call backs from my mailings. Still a one-man show, I quickly realized I could spend all day looking at these junkers, but that would keep me away from some of the better deals. But not wanting to waste the lead, I resorted to doing quick drive-bys and just mailing or faxing my offers to them. It worked fairly well for these types of neighborhoods and I did a handful of small deals this way.

I don’t necessarily recommend this strategy, but I’m including the letter I wrote and used for you here, because I think it’s a pretty well written cover letter and it might come in handy to you at some point. And if/when you need such a document (or want to experiment with a similar strategy) it’s always easier to have something someone else has already written as a starting point than to write your own.


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